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Tofino Wildlife Update

Upcoming Wildlife Tours – July 2, 2022

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Good morning Tofino,

We still have space on our upcoming tours! I want to see y’all on one of our boats.  

Fun Fact: Did you know that Harbour Seals do not just chill on rocks to be cute, resting on rocks is also a way to escape predators. When the seals are threatened, they growl and snort, wave a flipper and sometimes headbutt (sounds rather cute honestly), then slip back into the oceanThey only make sounds when they are threatened. 

TODAY – (Saturday, July 2nd)

9:00 AM Bear Watching πŸ» CONFIRMED – Space Available 
11:30 AM Whale Watching πŸ‹ : CONFIRMED – Space Available 
2:30 PM Whale Watching πŸ‹  : CONFIRMED – Space Available 
5:30 PM Whale Watching πŸ‹ : Space Available

TOMORROW – (Sunday, July 3rd)

9:30 AM Bear Watching  πŸ» Space Available
10:30 AM Whale Watching πŸ‹ CONFIRMED – Space Available 
1:30 PM Whale Watching πŸ‹: Space Available 
6:00 PM Whale Watching πŸ‹: CONFIRMED – Space Available

Thank you,
Grace πŸ¦‘

(250) 725-9227
101 Fourth St, Tofino