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Tofino Wildlife Update

Upcoming Wildlife Tours – July 1st, 2022

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Good morning Tofino and happy Friday! 

I hope you are doing well this morning. Summer happens fast and July is already here. What an amazing day yesterday. Some blue skies, cool winds and beautiful wildlife passing right through our harbour. 

FUN FACT: A group of sea otters floating together is called a raft. The rafts are usually either all male, or all female and their young. One of the biggest rafts ever recorded included over 2000 male sea otters!

Check out the schedule below and thanks for looking.

TODAY – (Friday, July 1st)

8:30 AM Bear Watching 🐻 CONFIRMED – Space Available 
11:00 AM Whale Watching 🐋 : CONFIRMED – Space Available 
2:00 PM Whale Watching 🐋  : Space Available 
5:30 PM Whale Watching 🐋 : CONFIRMED – Space Available 

TOMORROW – (Saturday, July 2nd)

9:00 AM Bear Watching  🐻 CONFIRMED – Space Available
11:30 AM Whale Watching 🐋 CONFIRMED – Space Available 
2:30 PM Whale Watching 🐋: Space Available 
5:30 PM Whale Watching 🐋: CONFIRMED – Space Available


(250) 725-9227
101 Fourth St, Tofino