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Bald eagles, previously seen on our wildlife tours, are believed to live 30 years or longer in the wild. They mate for life, building huge nests in the tops of large trees near rivers, lakes, and other wetlands. The adults will often return to the same nest year after year making additions to the nest each year. Some nests can reach up to 10 feet across and weigh up to 2000 pounds.

Please see our upcoming tours below… 

TODAY – Friday, June 28th

9:00am Whale Watching: CONFIRMED – Space Available
12:00pm Bear Watching: CONFIRMED – Space Available
12:00pm Hot Springs Cove: CONFIRMED – SOLD OUT
2:30pm Whale Watching: Space Available
6:00pm Whale Watching: CONFIRMED – Space Available

TOMORROW – Saturday, June 29th
9:30am Whale Watching: Space Available
10:30am Hot Springs Cove: CONFIRMED – Space Available
12:30pm Bear Watching: CONFIRMED – Space Available
3:00pm Whale Watching: Space Available
6:00pm Whale Watching: CONFIRMED – Space Available



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