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Marbled Murrelets,  seabirds from the North Pacific seen locally on our tours in Clayoquot Sound, can dive up to almost 45 feet underwater. Using their small wings to propel them efficiently through the water and their webbed feet to steer. For such a small bird, they lay uncommonly large eggs, about the size of a chicken egg.

Please see our upcoming tours below… 

TODAY – Wednesday, June 26th

8:30am Whale Watching: Space Available
10:00am Bear Watching: CONFIRMED – Space Available
11:30am Hot Springs Cove: CONFIRMED – Space Available
1:30pm Whale Watching: CONFIRMED – Space Available
5:30pm Whale Watching: Space Available

TOMORROW – Thursday, June 27th
8:00am Whale Watching: CONFIRMED – Space Available
10:30am Whale Watching: Space Available
10:30am Hot Springs Cove: CONFIRMED – Space Available
11:00am Bear Watching: CONFIRMED – Space Available
2:00pm Whale Watching: Space Available
5:00pm Whale Watching: Space Available



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