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Good Morning!

Other than humans, cougars are the most widely distributed land mammal in the Western Hemisphere. Also, cougars are the fourth largest cats in the world with adult males weigh up to 200 lbs (90 kgs), and adult females up to 120 lbs (54 kgs).

Please take a look at our upcoming tours and have a great day!

TODAY – Wednesday, April 19th

11:00 AM Whale Watching : CONFIRMED – Space Available
1:45 PM Hot Springs CONFIRMED – Space Available
3:30 PM Whale Watching :  Space Available
6:30 PM Bear Watching : Space Available

TOMORROW – Thursday, April 20th

7:15 AM Bear Watching : CONFIRMED – Space Available
11:00 AM Whale Watching : CONFIRMED – Space Available
2:00 PM Whale Watching : Space Available
2:00 PM Hot Springs : Space Available