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Cormorants are expert divers. Some dive as deep as 45 metres (150 feet). They speed along underwater via their webbed feet, using their wings as rudders. Some colonies of cormorants have been observed herding fish for more efficient hunting.

Please take a peak at our upcoming tours outlined below and enjoy the sun today! 

TODAY – (Wednesday, September 14th)

9:00 AM Bear Watching 🐻 CONFIRMED – Space Available
11:30 AM Whale Watching 🐋 CONFIRMED – Space Available
2:30 PM Whale Watching 🐋 : Space Available

TOMORROW – (Thursday, September 15th)

9:45 AM Bear Watching 🐻 CONFIRMED – Space Available
12:15 PM Whale Watching 🐋 :CONFIRMED – Space Available
3:15 PM Whale Watching 🐋 : Space Available

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101 Fourth St, Tofino