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Humpbacks, previously seen on our wildlife tours, are best known for their haunting vocalizations or “singing.” They have a rich repertoire that covers many octaves and includes frequencies beyond the threshold of human hearing. These songs, thought to be sung by males, last as long as 20 minutes and are repeated, often with slight changes.

Please see our upcoming tours below… 

TODAY – Monday, July 1st
8:30am Whale Watching: CONFIRMED – Space Available
11:30am Hot Springs Cove Tour: CONFIRMED – Space Available
11:30am Whale Watching: Space Available
2:30pm Bear Watching: CONFIRMED – Space Available
5:30pm Whale Watching: CONFIRMED – Space Available

TOMORROW – Tuesday, July 2nd
9:30am Hot Springs Cove Tour: CONFIRMED – SOLD OUT
9:30am Whale Watching: CONFIRMED – Space Available
12:30pm Whale Watching: Space Available
3:30pm Bear Watching: CONFIRMED – Space Available
6:00pm Whale Watching: CONFIRMED – Space Available



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