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Good Morning,

We saw our first Black Bear cubs yesterday! Black bears on Vancouver Island tend to mate from June – July. However, the embryo doesn’t implant in the uterus until between October and November. This is called delayed implantation. Once implanted, the embryo begins to develop and cubs are born in January or February in winter dens.

Please see our upcoming tours below… 

TODAY – Sunday, May 19th
9:30am Hot Springs Cove Tour: SOLD OUT
10:30am Whale Watching: CONFIRMED – Space Available
2:00pm Whale WatchingCONFIRMED – Space Available
4:00pm Bear Watch: CONFIRMED – Space Available
5:00pm Whale Watching: Space Available

TOMORROW – Monday, May 20th
7:00am Bear Watching: CONFIRMED – Space Available
9:30am Hot Springs Cove Tour: CONFIRMED – Space Available
10:30am Whale Watching: Space Available
2:00pm Whale Watch: Space Available
5:00pm Whale Watching: Space Available
5:00pm Bear Watching: Space Available



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