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California Seal lions, seen locally on our Tours in Clayoquot Sound, the mothers recognize their pups on crowded rookeries through smell and vocalizations. In turn, pups learn to recognize the smell and vocalizations of their mothers. A few weeks after females give birth, they are ready to mate again before the males migrate north toward British Columbia.

Please see our upcoming tours below… 

TODAY – Tuesday, April 2nd
9:30am Hot Springs:  CONFIRMED – Space Available
10:30am Whale Watch: Space Available
1:30pm Bear Watch: CONFIRMED – Space Available
4:00pm Whale Watching: Space Available

TOMORROW – Wednesday, April 3rd
9:30am Hot Springs Cove Tour: Space Available
11:00am Whale Watching:  CONFIRMED – Space Available
2:30pm Bear Watch: Space Available
3:30pm Whale Watching: Space Available



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