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We embrace or role as leaders in responsible tourism

As active members of the BC tourism community it is a privilege to be recognized by Destination BC for our efforts, partnership and ethos around responsible tourism. Since opening our doors in 2008 we have focused on sustainability and accessibility through relationships with partners like Ocean Wise, and our custom built accessible whale watching vessels NANUQ and WASCO.

We are committed to offering sustainable tours in Tofino and accessible tours for the whole family.

West Coast Aquatic Safaris: Championing Responsible Tourism

Destination BC had the following to say about West Coast Aquatic Safaris:

Truly a leader among tour operators province-wide, the company demonstrates admirable leadership in responsible tourism, environmental education, and cultural preservation–all while ensuring guests of all ages and mobility levels receive an equally memorable experience.

The secret of his success lies in his tour boats: Keith took exceptional care designing the vessels, prioritizing clear views of the wildlife and natural beauty his customers would pay to enjoy; fashioning both covered and exposed areas, allowing guests to choose their preferred experience; and installing restrooms.

Since its first tour, West Coast Aquatic Safaris has become one of the most popular adventure operators in Tofino, particularly among families and those interested in eco-tourism.

    Your responsible adventure awaits

    British Columbia is known for some of the most respectful and responsible wildlife viewing practices in the world.

    Here are some factors that contribute to our top ranked responsible wildlife tours:

    1.  Expert Guides: Our tours are led by expert local guides who provide insightful information about the local ecosystems and wildlife along with a dose of history and humor.
    2. Sustainable Practices: Our well reviewed eco-friendly and responsible tours prioritize the well-being of the environment and its inhabitants often receive top rankings.
    3. Unique Wildlife Encounters: Our tours offer the opportunity to witness majestic whales, playful sea otters, soaring bald eagles and other Tofino wildlife, and all in their natural habitats.