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Fun Fact!

The ocean influences and regulates Earth’s climate, acting like the planet’s ‘heart.’ 

Please take a look at our upcoming tours and have a great day!

TODAY – Saturday, May 27th

9:30 AM Whale Watching CONFIRMED – Space Available
12:30 PM Bear Watching : CONFIRMED – Space Available
12:30 PM Hot Springs : CONFIRMED – Space Available
3:00 PM Whale Watching : CONFIRMED – Space Available
6:00 PM Whale Watching Space Available

TOMORROW – Sunday, May 28th

9:30 AM Hot Springs : CONFIRMED – Space Available
10:30 AM Whale Watching Space Available
1:30 PM Bear Watching : Space Available
4:00 PM Whale Watching : Space Available
5:00 PM Whale Watching Space Available


101 Fourth St, Tofino