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Good Morning!
Here’s your fun fact of the day! 
Did you know that minks are excellent swimmers and divers? They have dense fur that traps air, making them buoyant in water, and they are able to swim up to 60 feet underwater in search of prey such as fish, frogs, and crayfish! 

Please take a look at our upcoming tours and have a great day! 🙂

TODAY – Monday, May 8th

8:30 AM Bear Watching : CONFIRMED – Space Available
11:00 AM Hot Springs : CONFIRMED – Space Available
11:00 AM Whale Watching Space Available
2:00 PM Whale Watching CONFIRMED – Space Available
5:00 PM Whale Watching Space Available

TOMORROW – Tuesday, May 9th

9:30 AM Whale Watching : Space Available
9:45 AM Bear Watching : Space Available
12:30 PM Hot Springs Space Available
1:30 PM Whale Watching : CONFIRMED – Space Available
5:00 PM Whale Watching : Space Available


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