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Hope we’re all enjoying this lovely weather.

FUN FACTS: Sea Otters
-The largest member of the weasel family, yet the smallest marine mammal in North America – 45-90 pounds (20-40 kgs).
-Their fur contains between 600,000 to 1,000,000 hair follicles per square inch (100,000 per square cm).
– Hunted to the edge of extinction by fur traders in the 18th and 19th centuries, the few remaining sea otters. Today their population is growing in Clayoquot Sound!
– Wet watch Sea Otters on most every Whale Watching tour!!

Have a look at our upcoming tours below and thanks for reading.

TODAY – (Wednesday August 31)

9:00 AM Bear Watching πŸ» : CONFIRMED – Space Available 
11:30 AM Whale Watching πŸ‹ : CONFIRMED – Space Available 
2:30 PM Whale Watching πŸ‹ : CONFIRMED – Space Available 
5:30 PM Whale  Watching πŸ‹ : Space Available 

TOMORROW – (Thursday September 1)

9:45 AM Bear Watching πŸ» CONFIRMED – Space Available 
12:15 AM Whale Watching πŸ‹ CONFIRMED – Space Available 
3:15 PM Whale Watching πŸ‹ Space Available 



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