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Hi good morning,

Are we all still recovering from the Jazz Fest this past weekend?
Our crew had a good time, you definitely would have seen us getting our groove on out there.
We are looking to keep the good times rolling so come get jazzed (about wildlife) with us!

FUN FACT: Harbour seals have a common ancestor with dogs and bears. They have hidden arms and legs, and only their hands and feet extend outside of the body.

The schedule is below, thanks for looking!

TODAY – (Tuesday, June 28th)

7:00 AM Bear Watching πŸ»CONFIRMED – Space Available 
10:30 AM Whale Watching πŸ‹ : CONFIRMED – Space Available
2:00 PM Whale Watching πŸ‹ :  CONFIRMED – Space Available
5:00 PM Whale WatchingπŸ‹ : Space Available 
6:30 PM Bear Watching 🐻: Space Available

TOMORROW – (Wednensday, June 29th)

7:30 AM Bear Watching  πŸ» CONFIRMED – Space Available
10:30 AM Whale Watching πŸ‹ : CONFIRMED – Space Available 
1:30 PM Whale Watching πŸ‹: CONFIRMED – Space Available 
5:00 PM Whale Watching πŸ‹: Space Available 
7:00 PM Bear Watching πŸ»: Space Available


(250) 725-9227
101 Fourth St, Tofino