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Tofino Weather, Season, and Climate

tofino weather

Photo credit: Jeremy Mathieu

Have you ever visited Tofino before? If not, you may be wondering what this little oceanside town is famous for. Tofino is notable for its surfing community, whale watching tours, marine wildlife, and weather that can change at the drop of a hat. When you compare Tofino weather to the rest of Canada, the climate is varied – but sits within a comfortable temperature range year-round.

Tofino is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit for storm watching in the fall and winter, as well as strolling the shore and camping during the summer. No matter the season or weather, Tofino has it all!

Vancouver Island: A Temperate Rainforest

Did you know? Vancouver Island as a whole is actually a temperate rainforest. This means that:

  • We have lush green forests. Because so much of our island is covered in trees and greenery, the oxygen levels on Vancouver Island are clean, clear, and elevated – especially out in places like Tofino with less of a population. Book a nature watching tour and discover the beauty of the forested scenery.
  • Our rainforest is a temperate rainforest, not a tropical rainforest. Tropical rainforests are typically found further South and closer to the equator. Tropical rainforests tend to be warmer than temperate rainforests – though Vancouver Island and Tofino enjoy very mild weather when it comes to Canada.
  • The wildlife is unique – this includes flora and fauna, marine wildlife, and animals found in the wilderness. 

Tofino Weather Throughout The Seasons

tofino weather and seasons

Photo credit: Jeremy Mathieu

Though at times the weather changes may seem unpredictable, Tofino weather has its typical seasonal changes, with much milder transitions.

Tofino Summers

July and August are undoubtedly the best months to visit Tofino for warmth and weather. When it’s clear and the sun is shining down on you on the beach, Tofino is unbeatable for a summer vacation. Typically August sees temperatures of 19 degrees Celsius, or 66 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the ideal temperature for summer. 

Fall in Tofino

Welcome to the rainy season in Tofino! One of the rainy seasons, that is. Fall in Tofino can be wet and stormy, depending on the frontal systems coming in – remember, the weather on the West Coast of Vancouver Island greatly differs from the weather on the East Coast of the island. Tofino, Ucluelet, and all of the surrounding communities are facing the Pacific Ocean and liable to be hit by storms. September is my favorite month with it still being warm and drier, lots of sunny days and much wildlife to see. 

West Coast Winters

The good news is that no matter how wet Tofino gets, the winters on the West Coast are typically very mild. Snow happens on Vancouver Island, but in comparison to the rest of Canada, our winters on the West Coast are arguably the best in the country. Fair warning – the highway between Port Alberni and Tofino can easily close due to weather conditions and the occasional snowstorm can have the road shut down.

Tofino Spring Season

Spring is when everything begins to come alive. The Tofino weather in the spring is sometimes drizzly, and the sun begins peeking through the clouds. The wildlife starts to come out once more, and we begin our whale watching tours in Tofino in March of each year. Come and discover the Tofino climate and gentle weather that spring brings to the West Coast.

Discover The Beauty Of Tofino At Every Time Of Year

whale watching in tofino weather

Photo credit: Jeremy Mathieu

No matter the time of year, Tofino is an incredible place to visit, and a world-famous tourist destination on Vancouver Island. While spring and summer are the typical peak tourist seasons in Tofino, there are many things to do at any time of year – especially if you have an interest in surfing, or are interested in seeing wildlife found on the West Coast (black bears, sea life, and unique plants found in the Pacific Northwest). Come and discover all that Tofino has to offer.

Tofino Adventures And Wildlife Tours

West Coast Aquatic Safaris offers a multitude of Tofino wildlife tours and things to do in Tofino. Here are some of the tours we offer:

As an added bonus, our NANUQ vessel on our whale watching tour is the only accessible vessel in all of Tofino for whale watching tours. We’re happy to be able to provide a unique whale watching experience in Tofino to everybody with our wheelchair accessible boat.

Book Your Tofino Sightseeing Adventure

If you’re looking for unique ways to discover Tofino throughout the seasons, book a sightseeing adventure tour with West Coast Aquatic Safaris. We’d love to show you how incredible Tofino can be – no matter the season, or weather!