Tofino: When it rains we tour!

By July 20, 2020 No Comments

Does the weather in Tofino have you asking “What you can do when it’s raining in Tofino ?” We have lived and worked in the area for years here are five recommendations when you want to live on the wild side without getting wet.

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What can you do when it’s raining in Tofino?

  1. Take a whale or wildlife tour with West Coast Whale Safaris. There are several reasons why a rainy day is a great time to get out on one of our boats for a top rated whale tour in Tofino:
    1. While many other opperations only have open topped Zodiak boats, our custom built covered boats keep you out of the elements but close to the wildlife
    2. Excellent viewing from a seated and heated cabin
    3. We offer complimentary rain gear to keep you warm and dry if you choose to venture out on deck.
    4. Wildlife aren’t afraid to get wet and will be out and about as much as ever
  2. Take a self-guided food tour of Tofino. Make sure Kuma and Seamonster Noodles are on your route if you love ramen and noodles
  3. Hit the museum. If it is raining in Tofino brush up on the history of the area including logging, fishing, our role in WWII, and the Indigenous culture and customs at the Tofino Museum.
  4. Hunker down with a good book and a better brew at the Tofino Brewery. Keep it simple with a Tofino Lager or go for a unique local taste with the Spruce Tip Ale.
  5. Find your next “magic board” at Tofino’s friendliest surf shop Long Beach Surf Shop.

Don’t let a few raindrops spoil your day. Come out on the water with us or take us up on one of our other recommendations. Getting out in the wilds around Tofino doesn’t mean getting wet.