Our Team On The Water

Over the course of the next week West Coast Aquatic Safaris would like to introduce out team for the season.  With the arrival of our new vessel NANUQ we will begin with Diana who can be seen in this photo swimming with the whales.

Diana is a naturalist and biologist going on her second year here in Tofino.  Born and raised in Alberta, a tradition of West coast excursions fired an early interest in the marine world.  After completing an animal biology degree, her gradual Westward exodus began.  First came 2 years in the mountains, working at a grey wolf conservation centre.  In 2008 she reached the B.C. coast, to spend a summer leading high-adventure programs for an outdoor education centre.  Inspired by regular surf trips, she made the final move to Tofino shortly after, finding a niche working as a naturalist on bear and whale watching boats.  In the winter of 2010, Diana spent an unforgettable 3 months in Maui for a research internship, studying the social behaviour of humpback whales.  Returning to Tofino in May, she was delighted to join the team at West Coast Aquatic Safaris, and can now be found relaying her knowledge and experiences as a naturalist on our tours.

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