Tofino Wildlife Vol. 13 Giant Pacific Octopus

Over the coming weeks West Coast Aquatic Safaris will present a compilation of information on the wildlife of the Pacific Rim as well as some of the flora and fauna. Today we will begin a look at Giant Pacific Octopus.

Giant Pacific Octopus is the largest of the octopus species weighing about 33lbs, and have an arm span of up to 14ft! Largest ever recorded was 600lbs and had an arm span of 30ft. Giant Pacific Octopus move by jet propulsion using its tentacles.  They have well developed eyes and their skin can change colour allowing it to camouflage to its surroundings. Crushing its prey with its beak, the Pacific Octopus eats shrimp, crabs, scallops, abalone, clams, and fish. Predators include Harbour Seals, and Sea Otters. During the Giant Pacific Octopus’s reproduction , the male deposit’s a spermatophore longer than 1m in length, females can lay up to 100 000 eggs! Hatchlings aren’t larger than a grain of rice and only live for about 3-5 years.

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