Tofino Wildlife Vol. 10 Tuffed Puffin

Over the coming weeks West Coast Aquatic Safaris will present a compilation of information on the wildlife of the Pacific Rim as well as some of the flora and fauna. Today we will begin a look at the Tuffed Puffin.

Tufted Puffins are found throughout the Northern Pacific Ocean. They get their name from yellow tufts that appear on both sexes before breeding season, which they lose during feeding season when they molt. Puffins weigh under 2 lbs. Their wings are adapted for diving, and swimming underwater to capture prey, feeding primarily on fish, squid, or other inverts.

Parent puffins will transport large quantities of small fish back to their young in the nest. Puffin nests are a simple burrow dug and lined with feathers and vegetation, this protects the egg from gulls and other predators. Both male and female Puffins take turns incubating the egg for about 45 days. Fledglings leave the nest at about 40–55 days old.

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