The Sea Otters of Clayoquot Sound

Sea Otter W/ Bull Kelp

While out on one of our Bear Watching or Whale Watching Tours you might spot a sea otter or two… or fifty! There seems to be a lot of otters in Clayoquot Sound these days. Which is a marvelous reality for our ecosystem here. The otters feed on sea urchins and other animals that graze on the bull kelp beds. This keeps an abundance af kelp alive and well, and in turn is fantastic for the life of our fish stock.

Sea otters haveĀ  interesting behaviors that make them very entertaining to observe. For one, otters lay on their backs to eat. They crack open the shellfish with a rock on their bellies and consume the meat inside. Another fun act to watch is otters “grooming” themselves. Otters will push water out of their fur and fluff it with air, untangle knots, and remove loose fur. And lastly, when otters sleep they hold paws to creat a “raft” to stay warm and avoid drifting apart.

To observe these and other behaviors book a tour on one of our Whale Watching Tours. If you book online you receive a 10% discount.

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