Why Whales Are Awesome: In Photos

Whale fluke. Photo Cred: Jon McCoy

As I mentioned yesterday, I feel pretty fortunate to be able to call Tofino home and even more fortunate to have whales often basking in my backyard. While I find that capturing whales on film (or memory card) doesn’t always do justice to seeing them in person, I think the following images serve as great reminder to how amazing these animals can be. Here are a few of my favorites that have been taken by staff or supplied by some our previous guests (thanks!).

Please keep in mind that taking photos of wildlife can be very difficult, so never feel discouraged if your photos do not turn out as great as these (I sifted through a lot of photos to find these gems). For some great tips on how to shoot whales, please see Chris Johnson’s blog on photographing wildlife.

Orca breach

Shades of blue and a breaching Humpback

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