Surf’s Up

North Chesterman's Beach at Sunset

If you are visiting Tofino for the first time or you are new to town you’ve probably noticed that surfing is a huge part of Tofino‘s culture. If the talk of surfing around town has peaked your interest enough, you might of had the urge to try riding a wave or two yourself.

Here’s some guidance for a first timer or for someone who is learning the ways of the water:

If you have never surfed before it’s probably a good idea to get some lessons. It’s worth the investment. You’ll learn how to surf safely and efficiently. Check out Surf Sister for details.

If you’ve already tried surfing once or twice already and you want to head out on your own; you’ll want to rent some gear for yourself. Check out Live to Surf, Long Beach Surf Shop, or Storm. The guys and gals who work rentals are usually pretty good at giving you advice on the current surf conditions and what beaches are the most surfable at a certain time of year.

Most beaches are good for beginners. South Chesterman’s and Cox Bay are fun in the summer but can be pretty soupy in the winter. North Chesterman‘s can be pretty flat in the summer but fun in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.

If you’re ever unsure about surf etiquette, the safety of a beach, or your technique ask someone who is surfing near you; most people are pretty helpful in the water.

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