September in Tofino

Some Breathing Space

September is here. And the fog is beginning to clear. . . somewhat. The streets are a little bit quieter in town. And the line up at Cafe Vincente’s is getting shorter. September is such a beautiful time of year to visit Tofino. The weather is great for the most part and there is a lot more elbow room to relax. For the surfers; the waves are getting a bit beefier and there are less people out on the water to share them with.

The restaurants are less hectic but still lively. It’s nice to sit out on Shelter‘s patio and drink down a “Dark & Stormy” in the fall breeze. The ambiance is incredible.

Looking for more than a coffee or a patio? Try a tall glass of adventure. At West Coast Aquatic Safaris our vessels are still in full swing. Book a seat on WASCO for a trip to the Hot Springs. Or board NANUQ to see the whales feeding in Clayoquot Sound. The bears seem to enjoy the beaches in September, almost as much as the locals do. September is grande in Tofino.

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