Introducing Franzy

Franzy is born and raised in the Southeast part of Germany. After completing school Franzy did an apprenticeship as a bank business management assistant and as a Insurance Saleswoman.  Her hometown, Bad Hindelang, is in the middle of the German Alps, so she loves to go skiing and hiking.  The only thing missing was the ocean.  to Franzy, Canada offered her everything.  Mountains, nature and the ocean. That was the reason why she applied for a working holiday visa for Canada.  After 2 months traveling from Vancouver to Vancouver Island, where she stopped in Tofino the first time, to the Rockie Mountains over to the East Coast and back to the Rockie Mountains. Franzy had to make a decision where she wanted stay the for rest of her summer in Canada.  She thought about Banff… where it’s easier to find employment, or Tofino, where it is difficult to find a employment and accommodation but where she could live next to the ocean and could work in her favorite job, and where she can learn more about whales! Franzy found her fascination for whales and every kind of animal in the water as a small child and the movie “Free Willy” was a big reason for this.  After a long phone call with her mom, she decided to take the bus from Banff to Tofino and after a 24 hour bus ride she arrived in Tofino and started applying at all kind of shops.  Finally she stopped by at the Surf Sisters Surfschool, where she met Keithochino, the owner of West Coast Aquatic Safaris. 1 Interview and 2 Days later she got hired!  Franzy has now been with West Coast Aquatic Safaris for close to two months and has enjoyed every single day.

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