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BSC_0360Tofino! Wild by Nature… West Coast Aquatic Safaris can help you experience it all! Whether you are looking for a relaxing soak in natural Hot Springs, the thrill of watching Bears, Whales and other wildlife, the breath-taking views of this beautiful and unique environment, or to enjoy a picturesque sunset on one of our Season Safaris. Our captains, interpreters, and office staff will provide a first class memorable trip, while maintaining the professionalism of a Transport Canada Safety Certified crew and fleet. West Coast Aquatic Safaris is suitable for all members of the family and a gangway aboard NANUQ makes it accessible for all. West Coast Aquatic Safaris is an optimal way to experience British Columbia’s nature and wildlife, a must-do while visiting Tofino.

From watching bears catch their own seafood dinner to marveling at Humpbacks breaching, to watching Bald Eagles swoop down to the ocean for their meal to enjoying a sunset cruise, the team at West Coast Aquatic Safaris wants to ensure you experience it all during your trip to Tofino!

West Coast Aquatic Safaris is dedicated to the preservation of the pristine beauty of Tofino and the West Coast of British Columbia. We appreciate that our business relies on the protection and survival of the nature and wildlife around us, and we make every effort to assure their preservation for future generations.

Please read our Participation waiver for all of our ecotourism activities and contact us if you have any questions.