Magical Places

With any destination vacation there is always a list of things that you absolutely must do.  In some places it is amusement parks, museums, art galleries or perhaps even a sporting arena.  In Tofino we have many magical places that are a “must see” or “must do”.  For some folks it will be a walk down Long Beach in Pacific Rim National Park or perhaps a drive out to Ucluelet to visit the local aquarium.  Some will want to get out on the water for their chance to reel in a trophy Salmon but perhaps one of the most relaxing and mystical things to do is spend your day on an adventure to Hot Springs cove.

After spending 1.5 to 2 hours aboard WASCO, our guests arrive in the Harbour approximately 2km from the hot springs.  The trail is a beautiful walk on the board walk through the amazing old growth Temperate Rain Forest at the end of which you will emerge to find one of the most magical locations on Vancouver Island.  These natural Hot Springs are most enjoyable in the morning and have a spectacular view out into the ocean. With restrooms, a place to get changed and some great rocky headlands for a picnic Lunch this 6.5 to 7 hour tour will surly top the list of “things to do while in Tofino”.  After a soak in the water and a walk back to the harbour one of our highly skilled and knowledgable guides will bring you back to town with plenty of time for a surf or siesta before dinner.

Weather you are here for a while or just a quick Weekend West Coast Aquatic Safaris and all of our staff will do our best to make your Tofino experience on of the best you have ever had.

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