NANUQ is back in action…

NANUQ on dry land for inspections

Throughout the winter months, West Coast Aquatic Safaris takes both of its tour boats out the water to give them a rest, a good tune-up and a fresh coat of paint. Although WASCO usually only stays dry for about a month, we often wait a little longer to put NANUQ back in the water. The time came to ease the 36-passenger catamaran back via the 4th Street Dock last week, and it was my first time experiencing such a site. Due to the shear size of NANUQ, this event can often be a bit of a tricky one. This year, however, it all went off without a hitch… and here’s how it looked.

NANUQ Towers over the Tacoma

A little perspective...

NANUQ High & Dry

Captain Keith hard at work making sure everything goes perfectly.

Big Chevy truck to tow NANUQ

The boys at Rod's Power Marine hitch up a truck...

Two Trucks to tow NANUQ

...and another (look closely!!)

NANUQ Back in the water

The view from NANUQ... back in the water. It certainly looks like the season is starting off just right...

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