Aluminum Monohull – All Weather Ecotouring Boat

31 feet

Volvo Penta D6 / 370 hp

Volvo DPH Duoprop Drive

16 Passenger Life Raft

12 passenger / 1 Crew

Heated Cabin
Inside Seating for All
Outdoor Seating
3 Separate Viewing Decks
Stereo and Hydrophone
Rain Jackets Provided
Clean On-board Restroom


WASCO – 12-Passenger Vessel

West Coast Aquatic Safaris’ 12-passenger All Weather Vessel, WASCO, was built and designed with our guests’ experiences in mind! The concept of West Coast Aquatic Safaris was envisaged by a long-time guide who wanted to offer a premiere experience in Tofino’s waters. West Coast Aquatic Safaris’ value became obvious from WASCO’s design features: three viewing decks, inside seating for all, more available seating than allowable passengers, and a clean restroom.

West Coast Aquatic Safaris is fun for the entire family and WASCO has helped us reach this goal!  WASCO’s heated cabin, full walk-around decks, outdoor seating on the roof and ample space for guests to move around throughout the trip are just some of the characteristics that make WASCO the most desirable 12-passenger vessel on the west coast!

The name, WASCO, means Sea Wolf, a prominent sea creature from Haida mythical times.  It is described as a giant sea monster, half wolf and half killer whale, but for West Coast Aquatic Safaris, WASCO means a first-class Transport Canada Safety Certified vessel crewed with professional staff.  The captains, interpreters, and office staff at West Coast Aquatic Safaris welcome you aboard to enjoy the WASCO experience!