Our Friends Say Bye For Now To NANUQ

October 28th, 2010

We have come to the point in the season where it was time for NANUQ to slip out of the water for the next couple of months.  It has been a couple of days now since the good folks at All Tow Boat Moving Services helped NANUQ out of the ocean and up on blocks at her winter resting place.  While NANUQ is taking a break for a while, WASCO is still working overtime to keep up with all of the Grey whales that are still spending time with us.  There has been plenty to see in the last few days with many Greys each day as well as large groups of Sea Otters as well.

Storm Watching in Tofino

October 26th, 2010

Storm Watching from Frank Island

The West Coast beaches have such a different face in the winter than they do in the summer. There is something to be said about Tofino during those blustery months from October through March. It’s darker, the clouds hang lower and there is a constant chain of wild Pacific storms pounding through our little village. Despite the extreme weather, the beach explorers of Tofino, locals and guests alike, do not hide indoors. They suit up in their rubber boots and rain gear and head out to the beaches. The shore is that point where the Pacific Ocean crashes into Vancouver Island, the rumble of the waves fills the watchers ears. The beach is that place where the storm meets land and the gale force winds blow the rain sideways into our cedar forests. The 20 foot swell crashes into the rocks sending sea water rocketing into the air.  But you have to experience it your self. Words cannot do this natural wonder justice. So suit up and head to one of the many beaches located along the Pacific Rim Highway. Chesterman’s Beach and Cox Bay are some favourites.

Heading to The Hot Springs?

October 21st, 2010

The Hot Springs

Autumn is a good time to take a trip out to the Hot Springs. Guests and locals like to go for a nice steamy soak when the air has that crispy fall feeling. In Autumn the days are mostly clear in Tofino, BC and the whales and the bears are still plentiful. So your chance of having a truly beautiful experience out in Clayoquot Sound is high. West Coast Aquatic Safaris has a daily Hot Springs Tour that departs at 11:30 A.M. You can contact the office to make your reservations. If you book online at least 24 hours in advance you will receive 10% off. Don’t forget to bring a lunch, water, towels, swimwear, and of course warm clothes as there is no where to buy anything upon your arrival in Hot Springs Cove. You can expect a breathtaking boat ride of an hour and a half each way, a beautiful walk through the rain forest, and a relaxing soak in all natural Hot Springs.

Our Captains and Our Naturalists

October 19th, 2010

Here at West Coast Aquatic Safaris, we’re very proud of our boat crew and the amazing job they have done this year. Whether you are aboard NANUQ, our 36 passenger  catamaran, or WASCO, our 12 passenger vessel, you’re always guaranteed to have a knowledgeable Captain or Naturalist available to you. Our crew have a lot of useful and interesting information about the wildlife and geography in Clayoquot Sound. At West Coast Aquatic Safaris we are focused on our guest’s comfort. Our staff are here to make you as comfortable as possible while you are out on the water. Tofino, BC is an amazing place and many people have a lot of questions; lucky for you, our crew love answering questions. When you’re on board with us you are taken care of. If you need anything at all, don’t be shy, our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you.

Feels Like Summer!

October 17th, 2010

We have had a wonderful day out on the water today.  The weather and sea conditions have been near perfect with warm sun and flat seas.  Each of our whale watching tours was quite successful finding several Grey Whales, many Stellar Sea Lions, Bald Eagles, four wolves and a few playful Sea Otters.  Our Hot Springs group had the same good fortune as well as having the springs almost to themselves. West Coast Aquatic Safaris and our team are enjoying the fall season and are very excited about the spectacular days we have been having.  There is still a great deal of things to see and as the crowds begin to thin out it is important to start making your reservations in advance so that we can ensure we have tours ready for your arrival.  Using our online reservation system will also allow you to save 10% when booking your tour with greater than 24 hours notice.

Looking Ahead While Reflecting On The Past

October 13th, 2010

With summer and Thanksgiving now behind us West Coast Aquatic Safaris is currently enjoying the O’Neill Cold Water Classic surf competition while beginning to plan for next year.  The 2010 season has been a fantastic on for many reasons.  With a strong Bear and Wolf population this year there were many adults as well as cubs and pups to be seen making our bear watching tours quite spectacular.  The whales were also quite plentiful this season with a steady flow of Grey whales, a hearty amount of Humpbacks and many visits from a variety of Transient Orcas and of coarse one or two sightings of G-Pod, the Vancouver Island residents.  Don’t be fooled by the shorter days and crisper temperatures.  It may be fall however, there are lots of whales left to be seen.  Last year our season stretched until the end of November with sightings everyday.

NANUQ Checks Out The Cold Water Classic

October 12th, 2010



If you were in the crowd this morning, on North Chesterman Beach, you probably noticed our 36 passenger catamaran, NANUQ, hanging out just outside the break. Captain Keith steered NANUQ to North Chesterman Beach this morning where day 3 of the O’Neill Cold Water Classic was taking place. Aboard NANUQ was a small group of photographers who were able to catch some of the competition from a different angle than they’re used to.  You can watch the competition live on line at http://www.oneill.com/cwc/canada/live/. If you happened to be watching the Cold Water Classic from the beach or online, you would have seen NANUQ hanging outside the break as Peter Devries won his heat today. Good luck to our local surfer!

Cold Water Classic Commences

October 11th, 2010

CWC '09 Photo Cred: Mariah

Tofino ‘s weather reared it’s ugly head for our visitors as they were greeted with a wild storm upon their arrival. The O’Neill Cold Water Classic did not kick off on it’s first scheduled day as the tides were extreme and so were the rains and the winds.  Surfers from all over the world are having their limits pushed, weather-wise, in The West Coast’s extreme climate. The competition commenced yesterday with warm and sunny weather—a brief break from the storm—the town woke up to more rain and more wind this morning. Participants and spectators remain stoked though. Crowds have flocked to North Chestermans Beach to check out the action and support their favorite surfers.

Orca Watching in The Rain

October 10th, 2010

WASCO on the company of a pod of Orcas

Our guests had quite the adventure yesterday out on the waters in Clayoquot Sound. Our passengers braved the rain, boarded our vessel, WASCO this afternoon, and were rewarded with a close encounter with a pod of Orcas. West Coast Aquatic Safaris assures our guests comfort by supplying them with high-end Helly Hansen rain jackets and keeping them warm and cozy in WASCO’s restroom equipped, heated cabin. We have another Whale Watching Trip scheduled for this afternoon @ 2:30. Tofino is sunny and warm today and it looks like it’s going to be a great trip aboard NANUQ, our 36 passenger catamaran.

Calling All Surfers and Spectators

October 8th, 2010

Irregardless of the weather this week is sure to be a great one. With the Surf Sister and Shelter Restaurant, Queen of the Peak and the O’Neill Cold Water Classic surf competitions beginning this weekend both Tofino locals and our visitors are in for a treat. The Queen of the Peak comp starts today and will include female long and short boarders from all over competing for over $2,500 in prizes.  There is sure to be many incredible women out there tearing up the local break.