How Close Might We Get?

One of the most commonly asked questions when we are discussing our Bear watching tours is, how close will we get?  Every trip is a little different and we can’t guarantee that we will always be this close however when you travel with West Coast Aquatic Safaris aboard NANUQ you have the advantage of height and an exceptional walk out bow deck to get as up close and personal as the bears will allow us to get without disturbing their routine.  Our tours are scheduled to depart at a time that is the best conditions for viewing the bears.  This usually means during a low tide that is below five feet in height for the duration of our tour.  The best conditions are when this type of low tide coincides with cool temperatures.  Even in the best conditions there is no guarantee that we will see bears or how many.  West Coast Aquatic Safaris is very fortunate to have some of the most highly experienced guides and Captains with true local knowledge of the water that are dedicated to providing a “First Class” experience for all of our guests.

This morning began as a beautiful sunny morning and as the temperature increased the fog slowly crept in but clearly did not affect the view. After a while of navigating the tranquil inside waters Captain Jeff and Chewie, our naturalist discovered to adult females each with two young cubs.  With a view this good we are really hoping that there will be some submissions to our photo of the week contest.

There has been lots of whale activity a few miles out from the Leonard Island Lighthouse again this morning as a group of approximately ten Orcas have been hunting Sea Lions.  The group of transients is traveling with one baby that is young enough to still be orange in colour.  NANUQ and the group will be right there for all of the action for the rest of today and every day until the whales have moved on late in the fall.

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