Black Bear Caught on Tape Giving Birth to Cubs

Photo and story by: Kelly Hamilton,

West Coast Aquatic Safaris is always looking for interesting stories both locally and abroad.

Today we came across a great story of a black bear caught on tape giving birth to cubs.  This amazing sight was captured for online views and was a truly incredible experience.

“This past Sunday (January 22), online viewers all over the world were given the opportunity to witness something not many humans have gotten the opportunity to do before. Deep within her den in the woods of Ely, Minnesota, momma-bear-to-be, 3-year-old black bear Jewel gave birth to at least two bear cubs in front of a live online audience.  Researchers at the Wildlife Research Institute have been installing webcams into bears’ dens in the area in order to give viewers everywhere a better insight into a very important and private aspect of the animal’s lives”.

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