Tofino Wildlife Vol. 11 Dungeness Crab and Spot Prawn

This month in Tofino is the 2nd annual FEAST BC. Our very own fourth street dock was bustling with visitors from all over the world this past weekend, tasting salmon appetizers and participating in many great activities! This event will continue for another 2 weeks, featuring the Dungeness crab and Spot Prawns! Here is our Feast inspired blog!

Dungeness crab can be found on nutrient rich sandy bottoms and can be identified by their ten sharp teeth along the edge of carapace. They prefer to eat live prey such as clams and other small crustaceans and are also attracted to decaying organisms such as bait in traps. Female crabs deposit about 1 million eggs into their abdomen. Dungeness crab are worth 30-40$ million annually. Spot Prawns are the largest shimp on the BC’s coast, and can reach up to 25 cm.

Like the Dungeness Crab, Spot Prawns also can be found feeding on decaying matter, such as clams, worms, and sponges. Prawns pincers allow them to dissect their food thoroughly. Prawns are portentous hermaphroditic, meaning they are all born males but eventually mature into females. To escape predators, Spot Prawns quickly flick it’s tail in a downward motion creating a thrust. Predators include humans, rockfish, greenlings, and Cabazon.

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