SeaWorld Sued Over ‘Enslaved’ Killer Whales

Have you ever been to SeaWorld, the Zoo or any other type of animal show?  Have you swam with Dolphins in a tank or had any chance to view people that have.  As always West Coast Aqautic Safaris is scanning the news for important or related stories to what we love.  Today we came across this piece from BBC News.

Five killer whales have been named as plaintiffs in a lawsuit which argues they deserve the same constitutional protection from slavery as humans.

“A US judge is considering a complaint by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (Peta) against SeaWorld. It is reportedly the first time a US court has heard legal arguments over whether animals should enjoy the same constitutional protections as humans. SeaWorld’s legal team said the case was a waste of time and resources. The marine park’s lawyer, Theodore Shaw, told the court in San Diego: “Neither orcas nor any other animal were included in the ‘We the people’… when the Constitution was adopted.” He said that if the case were successful, it could have implications not just on how other marine parks or zoos operate, but even on the police use of sniffer dogs to detect bombs and drugs.”

We would love to hear how you feel about this story including personal feelings and or the legal standpoint on either side of this case.  We are happy to post your thoughts so that others may also comment on them!

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