Dolphins learn to speak in whale song

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While West Coast Aquatic Safaris continues preparing for the season we are simultaneously looking for more stories from around the world that we find interesting and think you will enjoy as well.  Today we share with you a piece about Dolphins that learn to speak in whale song.

We have always know Dolphins to be very clever and they have been the subject of great study.  It is fascinating to see that there is still lots to learn and that they continue to impress and entertain themselves as well as us.

Here is an exerpt from the story, please follow the link for the rest and we hope that you will tell us about your dolphin or whale experience in our Blog Comments section.

“Researchers from the University of Rennes 1 discovered that the dolphins actually mimicked the whale song after they hung underwater microphones in the tank overnight. One night they recorded over 25 unidentified new sounds and when they compared them to the sounds that the dolphins encountered during the day, they discovered they were nearly impossible to distinguish from real whales either through computer programmes or using human volunteers.

Up until now, dolphins have only been observed to mimic sounds immediately after hearing them. If it is confirmed that the captive-bred dolphins are genuinely copying the soundtrack, it would mark the first time that dolphins have been heard to rehearse new sounds hours after hearing them rather than right away, providing insights into how they store and process memories.”

Have you ever been involved with wildlife research if so what were you studying?

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