A Day With The Locals

With So many people finding their way to the West Coast, there is always a great deal of interest in seeing the Orcas.  While they are a fascinating spectacle when they are around, we cannot take for granted the beauty and grace of the Stellar Sea Lions which are regulars to the area as well as the Grey Whales. These amazing creatures are so common to the Tofino area they could be considered locals.   Some areas of the coast are reporting that the Grey’s have moved on, West Coast Aquatic Safaris is fortunate to have been seeing Grey Whales since mid February this season and if things go as they did last year we hope to continue to see them well into November.  Some of the other usual suspects that are seen on our tours are Bald Eagles, Cormorant, Harbour Seals, Sea Otters and Porpoise not to mention some of the most spectacular landscapes in North America. Part of the lure of the adventure is that you never know exactly what you will see until it emerges from the water or perhaps flies over or under the boat.  Contact our office to find out how to get on board

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