Unbeatable Conditions

Our recent days of fog have lifted in the last couple of days to reveal some absolutely stunning views and colours.  While Whale and Bear Watching on the overcast and foggy days are still excellent the sunshine makes the colours more vibrant and crisp.  We look forward to our guests photo submissions for our photo of the week contest.

Yesterday was an incredible day to be on the water and for those that were out with West Coast Aquatic Safaris it was one of our best days of the year.  Whether you were on a trip to Hot Springs Cove or Whale Watching just about everyone had the good fortune to see all three of the whale species common to this area.  In the morning we were finding an excellent pod of Orcas that have been hunting up and down the coastline for several days now as well as a few Gray Whales.  In the afternoon there were some Humpbacks that decided to come join the fun and complete the Hat Trick of whales.  Being able to view three different species of whales is a real treat that has only happened a couple of times this year and will certainly not be forgotten.  If you were one of our passengers on any of these trips we hope that you will visit the Guest Book page on our website and share your comments and experience for others.

We had a wonderful sunset last evening and with the local weather being the way it is we are very happy to have a sunset Whale Watch tour this evening to take advantage of it before it changes again.  Welcome aboard, there is room for everyone.

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