Taking Care of Our Oceans and Wildlife

We hate to think that we are in any way responsible for the injury of any wild animals of even worse the elimination of a species. Even if we are not directly responsible we see things on a daily basis that greatly effect the lives of creatures on land, in the sea and in the air.  When you travel with West Coast Aquatic Safaris, you will see us haul garbage out of the water, report injured or tangled wildlife to the local task force that has formed to help free such creatures and respect the established guidelines for safe wildlife viewing even when it means the view won’t be as stellar.  We take our responsibility seriously as wildlife viewing tour operators and do not want to see things such as the story in the link below continue.

“We humans are having a devastating impact on sperm whales – not least because we pollute their habitat with plastic bags and other waste – and the terrible problems they face as a result”Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2096142/Sperm-whales-How-plastic-bags-poisoning-planets-greatest-predators.html#ixzz1lS058R6a

Our goal is to minimize our impact on both the environment and its inhabitants.  This is evident in the style of vessel we use by choosing diesel, offering a larger vessel that carries more people rather then 3 smaller vessels to crowd the animals and create more noise and by educating our staff and guest with our highly trained naturalist that have years of experience in biology and wildlife research.

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