Swimming With The Orcas

The conditions in Tofino continue to be picturesque.  The sea has been very calm, the views are spectacular and the whale activity has been exceptional.  The temperature in town has been roughly 27 degrees so a trip out on the water has been the best way to stay cool.

Today’s photos were both taken by our own in house adventure seeker Franziska Haberstock. Yesterday Fran was out at Hot Springs Cove aboard WASCO and took the opportunity to fly back with Tofino Air which she highly recommends to anyone seeking a different perspective.  Today Fran found herself surfing at Cox Beach with friends and suddenly found themselves surrounded by porpoise.  Sensing that this was somewhat unusual for the porpoise to be so close to shore Fran scanned the area for any other activity.  Within seconds Tim and WASCO were on the scene during a trip to the Hot Springs Cove with some guests.  Boat after boat then appeared and sure enough Fran and her friends noticed several Orcas just a couple hundred metres away including one large bull.  Being the selfless person that she is Fran was happy to share her last couple of waves with the Orcas before it was time to head to shore.

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