Orcas Are Back

Our conditions and weather have been fantastic this past week for West Coast Aquatic Safaris and today we were fortunate to have both sunshine early in the day and at the same time several Orcas.  It has been a few weeks since having the Orcas in the area as we are mostly seeing Transients so it is a great treat when they are around.  On a day like today we had the opportunity to see the Orcas hunting in around the Leonard Island Lighthouse near to the Tofio Harbour.  We are still continuing to have an abundance of Grey and Humpbacks in our waters which have provided a terrific show in the last month.

This morning we had a very successful Bear watching tour with 6 0r 7 bears, Seals and Stellar Sea Lions as well.  We are ready to post a new winner of the photo of the week contest and were hoping there might be a few more last minute submissions.

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