Orcas, also known as the Killer Whale, have been frequenting our waters lately around Tofino. It’s always an exciting experience for the guests and our staff when we are able to view these black and white beauties. Orcas are the most widespread of all whales, dispersed throughout the world. Orcas average a weight of 7.5 tons but can weigh up tp 11 tons. They travel in pods of 3 to 25. Individual Orcas are identified by their dorsal fins and their saddle patches on their backs. Just like humans have finger prints; each Orca has it’s own unique saddle patch that is unlike any other. There are three types of Orcas; transient, resident, and offshore. Transient Orcas are larger in size and have longer dorsal fins. They have wider homes ranges with smaller pods of about 3 – 7. They feed mainly on marine mammals and change directions quite erratically whilst traveling. Resident Orcas feed mostly on fish and live in larger pods. They live in tight knit families with extensive social structure. Offshore Orcas have similar characteristics to Resident Orcas but live much farther out to sea. These are just a few of the many amazing characteristics of these underwater animals. So if you are on one of our Whale Watching tours and happen to meet an Orca, you’ll have something to talk about.

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