We see many species of animals on our Whale Watching Tours, however the Humpback Whales are probably the superstars of our tour, especially when they are particularly active. Humpbacks tend to impress us with their awesome size of 12 to 15 meters in length. Humpback Whales travel to Clayoquot Sound in the summer to feed. Summer is completely dedicated to feeding as Humpbacks tend not to feed when they are migrating or mating, if they do; it is extremely rare. Humpbacks seem to enjoy breaching, spy-hopping, and fin slapping, making them a spectacular show to watch. We see alot of the same Humpback Whales return to Clayoquot Sound every summer. Humpback Whales are identified by their tails. The tail(or fluke) has black and white markings that are original to each individual whale. So next time a Humpback Whale shows you some tail, take note, he may be introducing himself!

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