Embrace the Fog & Amazing Things Can Be Found

While Tofino and the surrounding areas may be experiencing a fair amount of morning fog it is not having any affect on the beauty that can be found in the area. This photo of a breaching Humpback was taken just yesterday by Michael Reems from Florida. Michael is the most recent winner of the West Coast Aquatic Safaris “Photo Of The Week” contest. Sometimes these mornings may not be described as the best conditions for a Dawn Patrol surf outing however, with the incredible technology on board both WASCO and NANUQ there is really very little that can keep us from these impressive mammals.  Often moving away from town is all it takes to get out away from this layer of coastal fog and sometimes it just ads to an already mystical experience.

By 10 am this morning we are already well into our second tour of the morning. Our first group aboard NANUQ was in around Tofino Inlet and Meares Island to find several bears including three cubs. Our whale watching tour that is underway at the moment has already come across several Humpback and Grey Whales. Tim has been out early this morning as well with WASCO and a full group headed to Hot Springs Cove. The trip up the coast on a calm and foggy morning is only made better with a free muffin from Jupiter Juice to start the day.

This evening we will be offering our Sunset Dinner Cruise which is undoubtedly one of the best ways to finish off a day in Tofino.

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