Don’t forget your camera!

It’s 7am and I’m still waking up. I turned on the computer and yawned, checking the e-mails that had been sent the night before, I noticed that one was from some of our guests that had been on our whale watching tour the previous day. When I opened the e-mail I instantly was wide awake! It had the most amazing picture of a Humpback whale I had seen in quite awhile! Attached to the photo was a message informing me that the photo was taken with their 8 year-old point and shoot camera! Quite fantastic! This is not the first time guests have shared the amazing wildlife they have captured on our tours! Actually, my favourite parts of the day is when the guests return from their trip and share their excitement, stories, and some of the most amazing photos I have ever seen! So remember to bring your cameras aboard, because you never know who or what will show up on the wild west coast! Who knows, maybe your photo will win our photo of the week!

Photo credit:Peter Berende

Thank you to the Berende family for sharing their amazing photo with us!  This lunging humpback is grabbing a mouthful of fish and water, which it then pushes it out its mouth.  As the water and fish are push out the mouth, it all must first go through the Ballen.  The Ballen captures the fish and allows the water to pass.  Letting the whale to eat the fish without having to swallow the water!

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