Cruise Into Fall

We are now well into the fall season and continue to have magnificent sightings on a daily basis. This is such a wonderful time of year for visiting Tofino for the first time or returning to one of your favourite spots. This is the time in the season when things start to move a little slower, the morning air is a little more crisp and there are few things better than a nice walk on the beach followed buy a nice crackling fire and a good glass of wine.

This time of year Tofino is very fortunate to still have a great many Grey Whales passing by our shores as they make their way back towards Baja and on the odd day we are still seeing Grey’s and some Orcas. While there are still many beautiful days left in the year we are also approaching the part of the year that is quickly being labeled as storm watching season. This may sound as though it would be less than desirable however with the right vessels designed for these conditions and highly knowledgeable and skilled Captains this can often be the best part of the season.

Allow yourself and your family to be as comfortable as possible as you cruise Clayaquot Sound aboard the WASCO or NANUQ for the best possible views and experiences the Pacific Rim has to offer.

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