Why Tofino is Awesome: Food

Last week I mentioned a bit about why I think Tofino is such a great place to call home.  Unquestionable natural beauty and an abundance of exquisite wildlife are just a few reasons why I love this Tuff town so much.  Our waters, incredibly rich in food for visiting cetaceans and furry friends alike, also provide some of the best meals for humans locally and visiting from afar.

For such a small town, I think that Tofino should be proud to boast some of the most exquisite dinning not only in BC or Canada…but I reckon, the world!  Access to the freshest seafood possible in conjunction with exceptional talent in the kitchen, spoils this town for choice and quality.

Quick! Get one while you can!

To celebrate this food, talent and “boat to table” philosophy that is so important, the first annual Tofino Feast! festival kicked off last Sunday.  It has been an amazing, but busy, week so far!  It seems like there’s an awesome event every night of the week and I’m having a hard time turning down fresh crab, spring salmon, spot prawns and most importantly, the amazing chefs preparing all of this food.  If one were to take a walk down Campbell Street today, they may just bump into celebrity chef Rob Feennie.  Turn the corner at the 4th Street dock and perhaps Peter Zambri or Nico Schuermans might pass you by.  These are only a few examples of the many chefs who have come from out of town to celebrate Tofino and it’s locally inspired food festivities.

In addition to the current transient chef population in Tofino, our resident Chef population that provide the backbone for this culinary event are also busy cooking up a storm!  We are lucky enough at West Coast Aquatic Safaris to be able to steal local Chef Derek Sandercock for a few days this month to join us aboard WASCO and cook at sea!  Derek, a trained architect and domino player extraordinaire is also pretty fantastic at cooking food.  I was lucky enough to participate in an Oyster tour he did in February and I still think about the oyster sliders he made that day…

Heaven in a bun...yum

Sunshine, cheese and sea lions...what a great combination!

This week is crab week at Feast! and Derek will be cooking up crabs as we venture up the Inlet in Tofino’s calmer waters.  We’ve called this tour “First Class Vessel, Personal Chef” and that’s only the start.  Passing Vargas Island, chances of seeing wolves, bear, and sea lions are great, not to mention doing all of this while dinning on Derek’s creations.  I can’t wait for Thursday and I’m already trying to ration my daily portions of food in an effort to have as much room in my belly as possible for whatever Derek serves up on Thursday…

Space on these trips are limited, so call and get your tickets before they’re gone…just like Chef Derek’s oyster sliders!!

Chef Derek hard at work http://www.addictivefoods.ca/

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