Where to park when you hop aboard!

Parking in front of our office...sometimes a little confusing.

We love when guests from all over the world visit us. Few things bring us as much joy as showing this beautiful coastline and the amazing animals that inhabit it here on the West Coast. We love the exchange of cultural ideas and traditions between those of us from Tofino, British Columbia and Canada with anyone from anywhere else. One of those cultural exchanges we wish to share with our overseas guest evolves around the idea of parking. We have a fair number of parking spots in front of and beside our main office in downtown Tofino.


Sometimes, we do find that some of our guests that are visiting from elsewhere park their vehicles incorrectly. This is completely understandable as many other countries drive on the opposite side of the street and allow for parking in either direction or side.  However… as this is not the case here in Tofino, we ask that our guests park facing the same direction as traffic! We’d hate for you to find a parking ticket on your vehicle after finding whales on our boat!

Questions… feel free to ask!


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