What to do on Rainy Days in Tofino…

Cloudy Landscape

You can never predict the weather in Tofino, BC. Even when you wake up in the morning and look outside you can’t  really count on it to remain the same through out the day. It’s always good to have a back up plan for any activities that you have planned (not to mention back up clothes). So here is a few suggestions on those days that are less then sunny and the water won’t seem to stay up in the clouds.

1. When it’s raining, go to the beach anyway.
Get your rain coat rubber boots on. Alot of the hotels on the beaches will supply these for you (if you are a guest there).  Grab a coffee from Surf Sister and walk the wet sand. It’s actually quite lovely. For extra atmosphere bring your I-Pod. Anything by Bon Iver makes for a good soundtrack.
2. You can surf in the rain, believe it or not.
Locals do it all winter. When you are a little chilly the last thing you feel like doing is peeling your clothes off and getting into a wet suit. But wet suits are really cozy once you get them on. Plus, you’ll have most of the waves to yourself out there. If you don’t have your own gear there’s plenty of places to rent from. No matter what surfing level you are at;  it always feels pretty hardcore when you’re surfing in the rain.
3. Go Whale Watching!
West Coast Aquatic Safaris has awesome boats for all weather. The cabins are cozy warm with huge windows so you won’t miss out if you want to stay inside. The cabins also don’t get that gross, damp feeling in them because good ol’ Cowboy Keith put in some dehumidifiers. So you are warm and dry. And if you want to be out in the rain with the whales, have no fear, Helly Hansen is here! We have awesome Helly Hansen rain jackets to keep you dry. Check out our website for Whale Watching Tour info.
Whatever you end up doing, never pout because it’s raining. Enjoy it for what it is: Memories in the making!

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