Welcome To Tofino

Last evening was a special night in Tofino.  As Keith and Jeff returned from Victoria with NANUQ they made a quick stop in the Ucluelet Harbour to pick up some of the West Coast Aquatic Safaris staff, families and a few friends.  We departed from Ucluelet at approximately 8 pm for a very exciting trip in the 4 meter swell seas but an otherwise beautiful evening.  NANUQ has many of the same features as WASCO but on a more grand scale.  The seats are high back and very comfortable.  The staircase to the upper deck is very well suited families and individuals of all ages.  There were two passengers on board last night with small children and strollers and the walk through gate to access the boat made boarding a breeze with all of the extra items.

When it came time to be on the open seas it very quickly became the best ride on the water I have ever had.  Even with the large swell, NANUQ charged up the face of the waves and as you expected to come crashing down with with the same amount of power it was as if NANUQ was gently placed back into the water on a pillow of air.  The thrills continued as we took turns riding on the bow deck to get the full experience of the wind in our face and the spray off the ocean.  As we passed Cox Bay we found a lone Grey Whale in close to shore then finished the trip by meeting up with Tim and WASCO at the Leonard Island Lighthouse to travel back into Tofino together just as the sun was setting.

This boat truly has what everyone is looking for from comfort and style to power and thrills.  NANUQ will leave you with incredible memories even before you reach the wildlife.

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