Trusted Family Vessel

Now the West Coast Aquatic Safaris has NANUQ, the 36 passenger vessel back in service I decided to take my two and a half year old daughter out on the water.  We have been bear watching in the past and went out with Captain Tim aboard WASCO the 12 passenger vessel.  That experience made such an impact on my daughter that she has a real soft spot for Bears, Boats and Tim.

The choice to take her out on the water in the past was bear watching due to the fact that traveling on the inside water is calm and the trip length is 2 to 2.5 hours.  On this particular day we decided to join the group for NANUQ’s first trip of the season.  Full of excitement and energy we joined a group of 21 passengers and headed up Tofino Inlet where Captain Keith had heard there were some Orcas. The ride up the Inlet was fast and quite smooth.  We stayed inside for this part of the ride and my daughter cheered as we raced along with massive spray jetting past her windows.  When we found the Orcas she was instantly out on the bow deck where she had the best possible view of more than 180 degrees and some 5-6 feet above sea level.  After some time here, and the curiosity that toddlers have we also found ourselves moving to the rear deck, the upper deck and then back inside.

It was soon time to travel back to the outside waters in search of Humpbacks and everything else we could find.  By this time Jorja had realized that there were also 3 other children close to her age that were also on the boat.  Language differences aside, the four little ones found the space and a way to play and entertain themselves and at random times even take a nap on the comfortable high back seats.

After a quick trip out to Leonard Island Lighthouse Captain Keith and the naturalist team located a couple of Humpbacks that were diving close to the boat.  We all enjoyed this show for a bit and made another stop to view some puffins, seals and more eagles.  Upon our arrival back at the Fourth St. Dock Jorja was cheering and saying by to the naturalists and blowing kisses to her international friends.

With the heated cabin, restroom on board, flat screen that shows the GPS charts and a wonderfully smooth ride, this trip is certainly great and toddler approved!

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