Traveler’s Choice: Best Beach in Canada

Trip Advisor has just released the listing for Traveler’s Choice Best Beaches in Canada. We are happy to say that reviewers have TA reviewers have just listed what the residents of Tofino have known for a long Time. Long Beach and others are officially #1. We have often told people that no trip to Tofino or Ucluelet is complete without making a stop off to check out Long Beach in the Pacific Rim National Park. It is site to some of the most spectacular views one could possible imagine. With miles of flat sand and breaking waves it makes for a wonderful place to walk, run, bike, surf, swim, kayak, Kite surf or fly a kite and just about anything else you could want to do under the sun or around the water and still have plenty of space to feel like you have the beach to yourself! Through the winter it the surf can be quite large and dramatic making Long Beach an ideal spot for storm watching.

During the summer the swell height will average between knee and waist high making it the most forgiving place you could possibly learn to surf at. With no rocks or reefs to worry about and no shortage of space to spread out, the shore line is doted with wetsuits and surfboards with people of all ages looking for that Zen moment.

During the summer season just off shore from the number one beach in Canada, you will often see our vessels, WASCO or NANUQ taking in Humpbacks, Grey whales and even the surfers from the best vantage point in town. The only thing better then experiencing a treasure such as Long Beach, is the ability to see it from the water and truly appreciate the vast beauty before you.

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